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Today, promising great customer service and offering the same bag of tricks that other agents use just isn’t enough.

I have offered high definition, full motion video tours on every one of my listings since 2006!

Video drives social engagement. People are 37% more likely to share a video then any other type of media.

Media converts. Websites that contain video are 46% more likely to convert than those that do not offer video.

Video is expected. YouTube has more than 1 billion unique viewers per month and is the #2 most trafficked search engine behind Google. Video is now the norm on the web, not the exception.

Video is engaging. Video is persuasive. And a full, high definition video walk through of your property can promote your home online better than anything else. It’s literally the next best thing to being there.

I offer narrated, video walk through tours of every listing – regardless of price.  When 99% of real estate agents in New Hampshire are NOT using video, it makes your home stand out in a huge way from your competitors.

Utilizing the exact same cameras that have been used to make feature films and network TV shows, coupled with the most state of the art stabilizing system to give the feel of “floating through the property”, my video tours will take your marketing to another level.

Don’t be confused with what many agents market as “video”.  In reality, they are only slideshows of the exact same photographs a buyer just looked at on the MLS, regurgitated into a zooming slideshow with bad background music. As a result, it offers absolutely no additional information to a buyer.

My video tour is literally your first showing!


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