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Keller Williams Nashua Home WarrantyWith the Home Protection Plan Program, your New Hampshire home’s mechanical systems and major built-in appliances* are covered for 180 days during the listed period for the seller and one year after closing for the buyer.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, your only out-of-pocket expense will be the deductibles for any approved claims. The cost of the warranty is collected at closing. *Conditions and limitations apply. Refer to actual contract for specific coverage.

• Increase the chance of selling your home by 29%

• Sell your home for 2.2% greater value

• Protect your home against unexpected repairs during the listing period

• Protect your budget. Rather than making allowances for items to be repaired, you’ll have just one low deductible per claim

• Call for repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Download the Pat Clancey Realty Home Warranty brochure, or call me at (603) 466-7316.

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