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Interior of Home


  • Turn on all table lamps and overhead lights, as well as oven hood, artwork and cabinet lights. Replace any burned out or missing bulbs.
  • Turn ceiling fans to their lowest setting.
  • Remove pet food bowls, cat scratchers, toys, and hide pets.
  • Conceal cords. Cords remind us how many things we keep plugged in 24/7. Let’s not remind buyers how difficult they are to conceal. Cords stretched across the wall is are not pretty!
  • Fireplaces and candles are terrific props and should be turned on if possible.
  • If wood fireplaces are in the home, make sure fire has been lit prior to filming to insure that it is mature in its development.
  • Decorative candles may be lit.
  • Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling and to ensure all rooms are included in the tour. If there are rooms you do not want us to shoot, please leave the door closed.
  • Remove children’s and pet’s toys, food and water bowls from all rooms.
  • Be sure all light bulbs are functional and match.  Mixing CFL lights and tungsten lights in the same room or same fixture can throw of the color of your photographs.


  • Clear the island so the tour shows how spacious it is.
  • Small appliances make the counter space disappear. Please remove the toaster, toaster oven, microwave, coffee pot, knife block, can opener, hand mixers, etc.
  • Clear the front and sides of the refrigerator. Sports schedules and school lunch menus, etc. look sloppy on camera. Let’s clear it completely, at least for the tour.
  • Don’t forget to conceal the garbage.


  • All toilet seats should be closed. Shower/bath items should be placed under the sink for the tour.
  • Clear counters of electric toothbrushes, WaterPics, pill bottles, etc.
  • Bedding, pillows, comforters and bed skirts should be properly aligned. Make the beds, put the clothes in the hamper.

Exterior of Home

  • Please put dogs in dog runs or garage at the time of filming.
  • Remove all vehicles from the front of the house and the driveway. If possible park at least 2 houses away.
  • All yard hoses should be neatly coiled.
  • Make sure there are no trash cans visible on the outside of the home.
  • Turn on all waterscapes in yards including jacuzzis, ponds and waterfalls.
  • If a ‘for sale’ sign is present, please remove the sign (as per the real estate board rules).

First impressions are everything,  and these points will help make your property outshine the competition.

Be prepared for fewer showings, because our photography and video tours help viewers eliminate homes which won’t work for them.

We can’t assume liability for moving furniture, etc. The property will be photographed as is. Ask me which things, if moved, would improve the tour as well as subsequent showings.

Please , do NOT schedule any outside services such as lawn mowing, gardners, pool and house & window cleaners, etc. on the day of filming.

It’s best to not schedule video shoots on neighborhood trash day as we also usually film the immediate neighborhood and down the street.

The video is a ‘walk through’ video tour, and the videographer is constantly on the move throughout the home without stopping, so “moving stuff out of the way” doesn’t work. Please have all extraneous furniture, toys, clothing, etc. that you do not want filmed put away prior to our arrival.

Homeowners, children and Realtors need to be outside the home or in the basement during filming.

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