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Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.
How much is your home really worth? How long will it take to sell? How do you handle buyers making undesirable offers?

Why should you list your New Hampshire home on this website?
As a REALTOR®, it is my job to guide you through this complicated process, from beginning to end. I want you to get the maximum value for your home, within YOUR time frame. Here are just some of the things that I will do to market and sell your home:


  • Buyers want to buy your home for as little as possible! Through detailed comparisons between your home and recently sold homes, and other properties currently on the market, together we can determine what your home is really worth in the current market. In the industry this is called a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. I will do this for you, for free. Just fill out the form today for your complimentary CMA.
  • Buyers have their own timelines, which might not be yours! I make sure they don’t waste your time by qualifying them as to their real ability to afford your home.
  • We will walk through your home together. I will advise you how to present your property to maximize its selling price. Some improvements are worth it but some are not! Be careful.
  • View-New-Hampshire-Homes-on-mobile-devices80 percent to 90 percent of the work a REALTOR does during the transaction is making sure it closes. I am the CEO of the transaction. From the moment I meet a potential client until well after closing, I direct a complex series of events. I am responsible for coordinating numerous service providers, as well as handling federal, state, county and city disclosures, plus a host of other required documents. Incorrect handling of any aspect of the transaction can cost you thousands at the negotiation table or worse, in court. I assist in resolving any problem that may prevent the close of the transaction.
  • Contracts are complicated, and intimidating. You don’t want to go to a closing with any doubts! You will have the full benefit of my nearly 20 years in real estate, my experience and knowledge for a smooth and successful closing. Don’t sign on any dotted lines without asking me first!
  • I will make sure you conform to any and all state statutory disclosure requirements. I will also inform you of any inspections that you should consider having done ahead of time to smooth the negotiating process with buyers, and to ensure a successful closing.
  • You pay no up front costs for my services! So you can bet that I will work hard to get your home sold, for as much as this market will possibly bear. I will also work within your time frame and your needs. For example, sometimes it can be hard to sell and move out of your current home, and buy and move into a new home, all at the same time! I can help smooth this out. Because buyers and sellers see my tremendous exposure on the web and contact me daily, your property is likely to get greater exposure through me than through most any other local REALTOR®.
  • Technology for New Hampshire real estateI Utilize Modern Technology In order to help my customers better meet their needs, I carry the latest smartphones, iPads or laptops on all of my appointments, fully outfitted with the most up to date real estate software. On site, at your home or at your office, I am able to pull up current MLS listings throughout Southern New Hampshire. And at the office, I link directly on-line to the most modern computer-based real estate tools available today. I even offer all clients a free mobile application with every home in New Hampshire – in your pocket! Download it today!
  • All Realtors are NOT created equal. Many sellers will just call the last agent they used, the “perceived top agent” in town or the agent “friend” they know, completely overlooking the importance of marketing. There are HUGE differences from Realtor to Realtor.  Sellers should interview a variety of agents and compare the list of services offered to them. The differences will be tremendous!
  • Why do I help buyers and sellers in all these additional ways? Because I believe that doing so sets me distinctly apart from anyone who doesn’t. I also believe it’s the right way to serve people who put their trust in you.

If new technology exists, I feel I owe it to myself and to my clients to faithfully learn it, and then utlize it to its fullest extent. That’s why I’ve embraced the Internet since 2000 and have gradually built one of the most comprehensive real estate websites in Southern New Hampshire over the past decade, which has ranked consistently on page one for relevant search terms since the day Google was invented.

Since nearly all home buyers begin their search online, it’s imperative that your online marketing strategy be top notch!  Oddly enough, even in today’s connected world, half of all real estate agents still do not have their own dedicated website, only a “bio page” on a broker site!

Call or e-mail me for a free consultation. I am very happy to take your call: (603) 466-7316. I will come to your home or office and present you with a plan that details exactly how we will market your home. There is absolutely no obligation, so don’t miss out!

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